Celebrating the joy of living

That special ocassion you've been waiting for has arrived: Gather your friends and family and don't forget to invite Tyler to the party.

And ensure your party will be memorable.

His charming presence will delight each and every one of your guests. The show Tyler will put on for your celebration will be that significant detail, the cherry on top of the pie.

Yes, of course you all can have fun and enjoy yourselves chatting with each other, dancing to the music and having a few drinks.

Now imagine if on top of that we add a subtle touch of magic to that party!

Having a magician walking around the guests, coming close-by and giving them a moment of surprise and astonishment. Perfect combination.

Or if you rather prefere everybody to notice what's going on, Tyler can put on a whole magic session, involving everyone at the same time and transporting you and your friends to a moment of wonder and amazment for a while.

No matter where your celebration is, at home, in your backyard, at a fancy restaurant or somewhere else;

Tyler will adapt his performance to the needs of the ocassion.