A real Master of Mysteries

Tyler Haze was born in the early nineties and raised somewhere in Eastern Europe Tyler grew up fascinated with the David Copperfield specials on TV.

But even before that, the main peculiarity of that little boy was that he always asked people to look him in the eyes.

Just as if he knew that there is where the real mysteries were hidden.

As any little child, he was fascinated with stories and fary tales, but unlike any others, he learned to read those books by the early age of three. The only perk here is that he usually was holding the books upside down. Truth be told, he wasn't reading at all, but reciting the tales that then he knew by memory, thus pretending to read them.

Still passionate about books, in his teeneage years and already living in Spain, he was gifted his first magic book;

"The Great Encyclopedia of Tricks and Magic"

after this initial contact with the reality behind deceptions he became more interested in the ways of Magic and Mystery. And there a magical journey began.

Very soon after that he discovered in himself a real attraction towards the performance, despite of being a reserved person in his daily life, when stepping in front of an audience his whole persona shifted into that amazing, mesmerizing Master of Mysteries.

A real

Master of Mysteries